Team Members

Mick Morrissey
Managing Principal
Mick Morrissey is the Managing Principal and has advised U.S. and global teams.
Mark Goodale
Mark Goodale is a co-founder of Morrissey Goodale.
Nick Belitz
Nick Belitz is a Principal whose specialties include M&A advisory.
Brendon Cussio
Vice President
Brendon Cussio is a Vice President who specializes in M&A advisory and strategic business planning.
Jon Escobar
Vice President
Jon Escobar is a Vice President who specializes in M&A, business planning, and valuation.
Jenny Abaunza
Social Media and Email Marketing Manager
Jenny Abaunza manages social media and email marketing.
Rafael Barbosa
Consultant – Director of Market Intelligence
Rafael Barbosa is a Consultant who supports market research, M&A, and strategy engagements.
Jim Bishop
Principal Advisor
Jim Bishop is a Principal Advisor whose expertise includes strategic planning.
Colin Desmond
Colin is a Consultant who helps firms with internal ownership transitions and valuations.
Lisa Elster
Executive Search Director
Lisa Elster is an Executive Search Director who works across several industries.
Peter Frank
Research Manager
Peter Frank is a Research Manager who specializes in M&A research and market research.
Ben Hamer
Ben Hamer is a Consultant who supports M&A and market research engagements.
Jeff Lookup
Vice President
Jeff Lookup is a Vice President who leads strategy and M&A engagements for NA and overseas.
Corinne McCanse
Director of Events, Education, and Sponsorship
Corinne McCanse is the Director of Events, Education, and Sponsorship.
Patrick McGee
Patrick McGee is a Consultant who supports firms’ M&A and executive search engagements.
Amber McQuillan
Administrative Associate
Amber provides administrative support on industry M&A engagements.
Stafford Palmieri
Principal Advisor
Stafford Palmieri is a Principal Advisor who specializes in market research and strategic planning.
Julio Morales
Financial Analyst
Julio Morales is a Financial Analyst who supports M&A and strategy engagements.
Tim Pettepit
Operations Manager
Tim Pettepit is an Operations Manager who specializes in industry M&A and market research.
Irene Pini
Irene Pini is a Consultant whose specialities include outreach engagement for M&A advisory.
David Rabinovitz
Principal Advisor
David Rabinovitz is a Principal Advisor who specializes in finance.
Alexander Tepper
Principal Advisor
Alexander Tepper is a Principal Advisor whose specialities include internal ownership transition.
Sarah Thornhill
Sarah Thornhill is a Consultant who specializes in strategic planning, leadership, and M&A.
Kyle Vincze
Kyle supports the mergers and acquisitions and strategy engagements.
Tricia Washington
Vice President
Tricia Washington is a Vice President experienced in strategy, marketing research, M&A and marketing communications
Nate Wentworth
Senior Consultant
Nate Wentworth is a Senior Consultant with a record in M&A, business valuation, and strategic planning.