Natick, MA (June 13, 2023) – Morrissey Goodale announced the second recipient of its Excellence in Acquisitive Growth Awards series. At our Western States M&A, Strategy, and Innovation Symposium in Las Vegas last week, Terracon received the Most Innovative Acquirer Award. To be eligible for this award, a firm must have completed two or more acquisitions since January 1, 2018, and must have introduced a specific improvement in their deal-making or deal-integration process in calendar 2022 that resulted in measurable improvements.

The award was presented to Terracon thanks to its 13 acquisitions between 2018 and 2022 resulting in 32 new offices across the U.S. and 582 new employee-owners. Terracon has made significant improvements in its deal-integration process that increased employee engagement, decreased time to complete integration, and distributed integration resources more efficiently.

We are excited to recognize and celebrate Terracon as a firm that is advancing and improving the industry through its integration execution process.

At the Western States Symposium, Nick Belitz, Mick Morrissey, Mark Goodale, Jon Escobar, and Brendon Cussio from Morrissey Goodale presented the award to Kristi Tahmasiyan and Joe Aldern from Terracon.

With each award, Morrissey Goodale will be making a $1,000 donation to an AE industry-related 501(c)(3) organization to be chosen by the award recipient. Terracon selected the ACE Mentor Program as the beneficiary of the award donation. 

As one of the leading M&A advisory firms serving the AE industry, we wanted to find a way to recognize the best buyers in the industry. And this year we’re doing just that through our Morrissey Goodale Excellence in Acquisitive Growth Awards Series.

Our next award will be the Best Post Transaction Performance Award which will be presented at our Texas and Southern States M&A, Strategy and Innovation Symposium in Houston in October. To be eligible for this award, a firm must have completed at least one transaction since January 1, 2018, and meet a set of post-transaction performance and engagement metrics.

To learn more about the Awards or so see if you are eligible for future consideration, contact Corinne McCanse, Events and Awards Director at [email protected].

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