Keep me updated: Texas M&A Symposium

THE event for Texas A/E or environmental consulting firm leaders and firms that want to grow in the Texas market.

October 21-22, 2021  –  Houston, TX

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Upcoming AEC Industry Events

Morrissey Goodale Hosted Events

VR CEO & C-suite Conference

Start date: June 9, 2021

End date: June 10, 2021

Location: Virtual Reality event

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A fully immersive 3-D Virtual Reality event exclusively for A/E CEOs and presidents.

VR CEO & C-suite Conference
June 9-10, 2021
Virtual Reality Event

Texas M&A Symposium

Start date: October 21, 2021

End date: October 22, 2021

Location: HOUSTON, TX

mg events

If you’re a Texas A/E or environmental consulting firm leader—or if your firm wants to grow in the Texas market—then this event is for you.

Texas M&A Symposium 2021
October 21-22, 2021
Houston, TX

Southeast States M&A Symposium

Start date: January 26, 2022

End date: January 27, 2022

Location: MIAMI, FL

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If you are an A/E firm leader interested in expanding into the Southeast through acquisition, or you are based in the Southeast and considering a sale or merger, this is the event for you.

Southeast States M&A Symposium 2021
January 26-27, 2022
Miami, FL

Western States M&A Symposium

Start date: June 8, 2022

End date: June 9, 2022


mg events

THE event for Western states firm leaders considering a sale or merger and leaders of A/E firms looking to grow through acquisition in the West.

Western States M&A Symposium 2022
June 8-9, 2022
San Francisco, CA