Get the winning edge: Morrissey Goodale’s marketing and business development services can position your architecture, engineering, or environmental consulting firm for big wins and sustainable growth.

Morrissey Goodale’s expert consultants can serve as your surrogate marketing and business development department or work hand-in-hand with your firm’s in-house staff. From market research and client perception studies to benchmarking and customized training, our deep specialization in the A/E industry will result in both publicity and projects for your firm.

Our marketing and business development services include:

Tailored to both specific industries and geographic areas, Morrissey Goodale’s detailed market intelligence studies can alert you to market trends and project opportunities unknown to your rivals. Our expert consultants have a thorough knowledge of primary and secondary research methods and extensive experience in conducting interviews with project owners and industry decision-makers.

Morrissey Goodale’s client perception studies can provide you with actionable information directly from the mouths of buyers and potential buyers of your services. As an objective third party with deep industry experience, our seasoned interviewers can ask the probing questions that elicit unvarnished opinions. We interpret and analyze those responses and develop actionable plans for implementation.

Developed through decades of experience, our industry-leading capture planning process can guide your team from the beginning of the strategic pursuit process to consistent appearances in the winner’s circle. Our 11-point process is tried-and-true for gaining the necessary intelligence for packaging your pursuit with storyboards, developing winning themes and messages that separate your firm from the competition, and increasing your hit rates by as much as three-fold.

Looking to gain a real handle on how your firm is doing against your competition? Our consultants have the tools to guide you through a thorough benchmarking process by interviewing and surveying key leaders along 12 different competency areas or domains of practice including leadership, strategic and operations plan, pursuit management, business development and marketing plan, client maintenance and service, new market development, and training and development. Once we have gathered this intelligence together, we develop a summary report centering on those areas that need immediate improvement.

After interviewing and surveying key leaders to benchmark your firm, Morrissey Goodale’s expert consultants can design and deliver a customized training program to focus on the specific areas where your marketing and business development efforts need improvement. Delivered in-house, our customized Marketing & Business Development Coaching program features group exercises and team activities to keep the energy flowing. By continuing to coach your staff after the program’s delivery, our consultants ensure a marked increase in business development effectiveness and hit rates. Learn more.

We have experience in every domain to help you improve your efficiencies and take you into new frontiers to ensure your firm’s future success. Whether through facilitation, development of Personal Marketing Plans (PMP’s) for your key leaders, strategies for using our research to lead you into new markets, or leveraging community and professional organizations for marketing value, we have the experience and judgment to enhance your business development organization.


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