Project durations that are 30% shorter with at least 10% fewer hours being spent might sound like a fantasy, but that’s reality for Morrissey Goodale’s clients that adopt Lean as their operating strategy.

How the A/E industry works today…

In the A/E industry we think the way to make money is by keeping people highly utilized—and why not? We run professional service firms, after all, and people are the main resource in our processes.

But when we value high utilization above all else, we might even assign tasks that aren’t ready to be worked on—just to boost billable hours. Then after a lot of mistakes and rework, we wonder why we took a bath on the project even though our utilization is through the roof. Sound familiar?

There is a much better way…

Lean increases the value produced for clients, staff, and firms—all while reducing the typical waste that existing processes create. The hallmarks of Lean include a preference to flow efficiency over resource efficiency, continuous improvement, and a respect for the people who do the work.


Flow Efficiency

Simply put, it’s the ratio of value-producing hours to the total duration those hours get applied. We can help you significantly increase that efficiency by showing you how to make work ready for your people and get your people ready for the work. The result?

  • Shorter project durations
  • Increased profitability
  • Free time to innovate, mentor, and tackle those things you wish you could work on


Continuous Improvement

Nothing is ever perfect so there’s no reason not to improve. We’ll help you get your entire firm taking responsibility for a) noticing when things are broken, and b) doing something about it!


Respect for People

Managing people is an old-fashioned way of running a company. A/E firms have smart people who can manage themselves inside of good systems. We’ll help you learn how to set up those systems and create mechanisms that encourage people to communicate, collaborate, and self-organize at levels you have not seen before.

The Lean methods we teach and coach are focused on:

  • Optimizing the use of your people, capital, and systems over time
  • Delivering services your clients need in a timely, responsive way
  • Anticipating and leading change in your target markets—not just copying other firms

Even better… Lean applies to all areas of your firm, including marketing, HR, financial, IT, and more!


Achieve goals and outcomes you previously thought impossible – with Lean leadership!

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Veteran consultant Mark Goodale has helped dozens of A/E firms adopt Lean as their operating strategy to create better futures for their clients, staff, and company.