Read what past Symposium attendees had to say

“Morrissey Goodale does a great job of tailoring the panel discussion questions to issues that really matter in mergers and acquisitions.” 

Chris Young, CEO, Plummer (Fort Worth, TX) (ENR #422)

“Very informative and well run event. I would highly recommend.” 

Daryl Benkendorfer, President,  Benkendorfer+Associates (Austin, TX)

“This symposium provided valuable information and networking opportunities. Essential for business owners and management.” 

Peggy Carrasquillo, President, KT Civil (Austin, TX)

The Morrissey Goodale symposiums is a must for any A&E from owner looking for a strategic guide for exit strategy game.

Timothy Bonura, Managing Partner All South Consulting Engineers (Metarie, LA)

It was very educational.

Giti Zarinkelk, President, Zarinkelk Engineering (Houston, TX)

“The information provided at this symposium are great for quick corporate decision making.”

Dustin O’Neal, President, Costello Inc. (Houston, TX)

“Rich, informative content combined with key industry leaders in the room. Morrissey Goodale brings it all together and helps makes sense of the trends and forces shaping our industry.”  

Mike Carragher, CEO & President, VHB (ENR #58)

“The variety of timely topics, pacing of the presentations, insights from the panels and opportunity for networking resulted in time well spent.”

Scott Murphy, President and CEO, Morrison Maierle (ENR #317)

“Outstanding event filled with great content and insightful speakers.”

Jeff Peacock, Board Chair, Parametrix (ENR #152)

“The Symposium was an excellent event with ample networking, education and real-world examples of M&A experience. I greatly enjoyed it!”

Frank Ricciardi, CEO Weston & Sampson (ENR #142)

“The Symposium The Morrissey Goodale team hit the mark – great content, great presenters, great venue!was an excellent event with ample networking, education and real-world examples of M&A experience. I greatly enjoyed it!”

Jason Fralick, P.E.  President  Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc (ENR #371)

“This symposium was a great overview of M&A trends in the AE world along with recent examples of transaction best practices.”

Jim Canfield, President/CEO WithersRavenel (ENR #323)

Very informative event with a great variety of panelists and subject matter to get the full scope of the M&A environment.

Mel Thompson, Partner, Grimm and Parker Architects (ENR #479)

“The Morrissey Goodale event is the perfect combination of a room full of leaders, decision makers, and entrepreneurs with deep industry experience, succinct presentations of critical forecasts and market trends, and fun!  A perfect sized attendee group in a stellar venue to naturally network and have meaningful conversations.” 

Carla Johnson CEO/Earthvisionz (Colorado Springs, CO)

“Great location. Great gathering of Industry leaders. Excellent dialogue and exchange of information. Well done! “

Todd Kenner, President and CEO, RESPEC (Rapid City, SD)

“Well done on all counts. From current M&A data to expert opinions to networking, there was a ton of actionable information.”

Mike Blankinship, President, Blankinship & Associates (DAVIS, CA)

“Excellent program and fantastic opportunities to connect with so many quality people. This was time very well spent. Thank you.”

Chad Coleman, President, Coleman Engineering (ROSEVILLE, CA)

“Always useful information, for the buyer, the seller, or anyone who needs to understand the state of the industry.”

Sean M. O’Hara, Founder, EVstudio (DENVER, CO)

“The symposium was very informative and it’s obvious the Morrissey Goodale folks have a thorough understanding of our industry.”

William Walker, President, The WLB Group

“I enjoyed the unique information provided on M&A activity and related multiples. Much better information than others are presenting. It was also a very high quality of attendees and everyone was open to conversation and sharing their experiences.”

Steve Winchester, Chief Executive Officer, Harris & Associates (CONCORD, CA)

“Well organized, MG speakers were excellent with the right amount of humor mixed in with serious subject matter.”

Kenneth Puncerelli, CEO LAI Design Group (GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO)

“It was a great learning experience for me as a new owner of a small firm. I gained a lot of insight and met some wonderful contacts.”

Joshua Cheatham, President/CEO, Furtado & Associates (Seattle, WA)

“No one in AE M&A industry provides, more relevant, up to date information, presented in a clear and concise format than MG”

Daniel A Summers, President, BSSW Architects. Inc.  (Fort Myers, FL)

Appreciate the conference, well done and very informative; made new contacts as well.

Dikran Kalaydjian, President, Land & water Engineering Science (Tampa, FL)

“The Symposium was very informative for those seeking to learn more about the M&A process. If you are looking to grow your organization through acquisition or sell, this symposium gives your great insight into how to prepare your organization for either strategy.” 

Dave Funk, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing, AG|CM, INC. (Corpus Christi, TX)

“Impactful and efficiently run conference as always.” 

Darrin Willer, Executive Vice President, National Transportation Business Line Leader, DCCM (Houston, TX)(ENR #129)

“I gained a lot of insight from this conference. Good information on M&A trends and nice panel discussions. Well worth the time!” 

Neil Dobler, SVP/Director, Bartlett & West, Inc. (ENR #290)

“Great opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in the industry, perspectives from buyer and seller side; and of course meeting such a high calibre of people who attended.” 

David Luscombe, Group Executive – M&A and OGF, GHD (Brisbane, Australia) (ENR #28)

“Morrissey Goodale’s Symposiums offer the most relevant insights into the industry and the A/E/C market. They should not be missed.”   

Kristi Tahmasiyan, Director of M&A, Terracon Consultants, Inc. (ENR #20)

“The Symposium is an absolutely great source of industry information, and an excellent place to collaborate with peers in our industry.”

Dan Huntington, Executive Vice President, IMEG Corp (ENR #57)

“Great information and networking event in a great setting.”

Mike Scipione, Chief Development Officer, Weston & Sampson Engineers (ENR #142)

“The Symposium is a great way to connect and share with other business- and strategic-minded leaders in and outside the AE industry and share successes, lessons learned, and processes in M&A. Thanks to the Morrisey Goodale people for sharing your first-class knowledge in the M&A world and being hospitable and welcoming hosts! This Symposium is a must for growth leaders.”

Brock Storrusten, Chief Strategy Officer, Withers Ravenel (ENR #323)

“The Morrissey Goodale team did a great job putting together a program that was right on topic for both buyers and sellers.”

Jon Kessler, Director of Strategic Development, Gannett Fleming (ENR #26)

“As always the MG never disappoint, the agenda was lively, the speakers were insightful and the venue was excellent. Mick and his team are the best in the business.”

Gary H. Elzweig, P.E., F.ASCE, Vice Chairman and Chief Strategy OFFICER, UES (ENR #36)

“The MG team does an excellent job putting on a top notch event.  Kudos to everyone at Morrissey Goodale.”

Mike Martin, Sr. Vice President, Merrick & Company (ENR #92)

Kleinfelder has benefited by sending several of our executive team members to various regional symposiums. The knowledge gained and networking are extraordinary.

Jay Clare, Senior VP, Strategic Growth, Kleinfelder Group (ENR #42)

“This symposium is a must for all A/E leaders interested in buying or selling a firm. It is a very efficient and fun way to meet a lot of people in our space and catch up on important M&A trends. I would not miss it.” 

Michael L. Davis  Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer, WGI (ENR #171)

“As always the conference was first class and lots of great attendees. Very informative and even though I have been involved in M&A for 20+ years I learned 2 new trends that we will use in future transactions. So many opportunities built in for networking was a plus also.”

Jim Tull, CFO, Crafton Tull (ENR #428)

“The quality of content, attendees and conference accommodations were really terrific. Morrissey Goodale only does it First Class!”

Scott Woerman, Vice President, Landau Associates, Inc (Seattle, WA)

“I primarily attended to learn and connect with peers in the industry regarding strategy and innovation and the symposium hit the mark.  I made several great connections that will continue throughout my professional career.  It was a great group of high-level individuals within our industry sharing best practices for firm success. Thanks!”

Russ Sanford, Chief Growth Officer, Kleinschmidt Associates (Pittsfield, ME)

The Morrissey Goodale team put together a first-class event. They have struck a wonderful balance between state of the industry updates, M&A education, and networking that is beneficial for a wide variety of A&E professionals.  I would highly recommend this event to anyone who is looking to further develop their M&A knowledge.

Johnny Heller, Vice President, Commercial Development, Trilon Group

“The Symposium was a great networking event and the presentations were led knowledgeable industry leaders with useful information. Always a great event.” 


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