TREKK Design Group acquires mobile LiDAR firm Terrametrix, Inc.

Kansas City-based civil engineering firm, TREKK Design Group, LLC, (TREKK) has acquired Terrametrix, Inc., a mobile LiDAR provider based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Founded in 2008, Terrametrix provides mobile LiDAR survey technology to clients across the country. LiDAR, which stands for light detection and ranging, uses laser scanning and navigation to provide safe and efficient survey-grade data acquisition and processing.

“Adding Terrametrix’s expertise strengthens TREKK’s commitment to providing holistic, common sense solutions through the use of technology and innovation, while helping us to improve lives in the communities we serve,” said TREKK Managing Partner, Kimberly Robinett. “This is an exciting time for mobile LiDAR, and this merger will intensify and strengthen our ability to serve our clients.” Read more> 

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