As seismic market shifts and massive disruptors create new opportunities—and new risks—architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firm leaders need up-to-the-minute market intelligence data to make critical strategic decisions.

Market research is vital for navigating the constantly changing AE industry landscape and developing effective strategic business plans. By knowing which market sectors and geographic areas are poised to grow —and which ones aren’t—you can get a competitive edge on rival architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms.

Market intelligence data can help your firm:

  • Identify market sector and geographic hotspots
  • Gain a deep understanding of emerging trends
  • Assess market entry and expansion opportunities
  • Get a detailed understanding of the competition
  • Identify hidden, lucrative market opportunities 
  • Take the guesswork out of decision-making

Without a systematic market research program, you’re just rolling the dice, leaving your fate to chance. 

Morrissey Goodale Combines AE Industry, Market Research Expertise

If your firm lacks the time, resources, or internal expertise to collect market intelligence data, hiring an external consulting firm is often the best approach. In addition to bringing an outsider’s perspective, an expert research firm can couple industry knowledge with proficiency in both primary and secondary research methods. 

Morrissey Goodale’s market intelligence consultants can help your architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firm better understand your clients, prospective clients, and competitors. Tailored to both specific market sectors and geographic regions, Morrissey Goodale’s customized market research studies provide detailed analyses of demographic and economic data, market sector trends and drivers, and project pipelines. 

How Morrissey Goodale’s Market Research Has Helped AE Firms

Morrissey Goodale’s expert consultants combine deep AE industry knowledge with decades of market research experience. Our market research services have allowed our architecture, engineering, and environmental firm clients to do the following:

  • Turbo-charge growth
  • Identify hidden geographic and market-sector hotspots 
  • Determine robust entry strategies
  • Eliminate guesswork with grounded assessments
  • Make informed, data-based decisions 
  • Spend money wisely in high-stakes environments
  • Pinpoint lucrative opportunities
  • Invest with precision

Here are eight brief case studies detailing how the market intelligence data we have collected delivered the answers our architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firm clients needed:

Turbo-charge growth

An ENR 500 heavyweight wanted to fuel their growth game—organically and through acquisitions—but needed the scoop on market dynamics. Morrissey Goodale dove headfirst into economic and demographic data, revealing key market sector hotspots and streamlining leadership choices. From there, the firm developed a roadmap that outlined the growth moves where ROI was greatest.

Nail the terrain  

With the AE industry buzzing with record investments, our client wanted a piece of the action. They needed powerful insights to size up geographic opportunities quickly and decide where to strike. Morrissey Goodale rapidly examined the market intelligence data to unveil the hottest and coolest spots in the country, drilling down to cities and states, allowing our client to connect the dots on where to go first—and next—for optimum returns.

Determine robust entry strategies

A highly successful, long-time AE firm client needed to know the potential upside for a key expansion opportunity in a specific metro region. Morrissey Goodale quickly went to work and rapidly delivered on-point geographic- and market-based assessments as well as the framework for a robust entry strategy that considered both organic and acquisitive growth initiatives. 

Eliminate guesswork

A prominent Southeast AE firm needed help making strategic decisions associated with a significant growth initiative. Morrissey Goodale swiftly delivered a concrete economic environment analysis coupled with a detailed assessment of target markets and regions that helped our client take the guesswork out of their decision-making process.

Pinpoint lucrative opportunities

We worked with a client to uncover their Total Addressable Market in targeted sectors and geographies, guiding them towards lucrative opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Through a comprehensive competitive landscape analysis, we were able to provide the strategic insights necessary for the firm to position themselves for market success.

Invest with precision

Our client needed to compare and contrast investment opportunities to determine the best next step. We championed a dynamic approach that dissected the challenges—and opportunities—from numerous angles and fortified the results with rock-solid data, ensuring that our client was able to make informed, strategic decisions.

Morrissey Goodale’s Market Intelligence Data Steer AEC Firms to Sound Decisions

Morrissey Goodale’s market intelligence consulting services are roadmaps to correct decisions and guardrails against the wrong ones. Our client perception studies, benchmarking reports, and customized data dashboards on specific industries and geographic regions will boost your firm’s market share and provide a competitive edge over your rivals.

Beyond our extensive AE-specific expertise and exclusive databases stocked with the latest industry and market intelligence, Morrissey Goodale taps into hundreds of data sources, digging deep to extract the game-changing insights to ensure your firm makes the right move at the right time. With extensive AE industry and market research experience on our side, we know the right questions to ask and where to track down market data that we can turn into actionable information to help grow your business organically or through acquisitions.

Don’t roll the dice. Let us bring you the intel you need to make grounded assessments and sound decisions. 

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