Want to Have High Employee Retention? Look at your Onboarding Process

Want to Have High Employee Retention? Look at your Onboarding Process

Want to Have High Employee Retention?

Look at your onboarding process. Show me a firm that does a good job with onboarding and I’ll show you a firm with low turnover. But show me a firm that can’t seem to get their computers to their new employees on day one, and that firm is likely to have high turnover. Here are five-tips to make sure your onboarding process goes well.

Keep in touch with the new hire before they start. Managers who talk to their new hires periodically between the time they turn in their notice at their old job and the first day of their new job are making a great effort at creating loyalty. Show interest in them and see it pay off over the long term.

Coordinate with Human Resources and IT to plan for day one. Nothing could be worse than a new employee starting and not having a workstation, computer, or phone. It should never occur, but it happens. Taking care of these simple things can make a huge difference.

Assign someone to assist on day one. Starting a new job is stressful. There are a lot of unknowns. Having someone available to show the new employee around i.e. tour the office, show them where the supplies are located, rest rooms, conference rooms, etc. will help him/her become comfortable.

Introduce the new employee to their peers on day one. The faster the new employee knows who he/she will be working with each day, the faster they can become productive.

Check-in frequently and get feedback. Managers who take interest in their people are managers who keep their people.

Promote a culture of open communication and respect. Let the newbie know that they can come to you whenever needed. Keep your door open as much as possible, and regularly communicate the firm’s values.

Although there are a lot of other measures that can be taken to create a workplace filled with highly engaged employees, onboarding is a great place to start. Show interest in your employees before they start, when they start, and after they start. You will see them stay because of your efforts.

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John is an experienced Executive Search Consultant specializing in the recruitment of AE industry talent. For over 15 years he has advised and assisted architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and environmental firms in filling key positions and making strategic hires.

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