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Forbes has published an interesting article on salary details that is especially pertinent for Architecture, Engineering, Planning, and Environmental Consulting firm leaders. In the past, recruiters were trained to get a breakdown of a recruit’s current compensation. An offer was then made using that compensation package as a framework to base it. The problem with this system, however, is that it can be discriminatory, and some states have now even make it illegal. Women, for example, typically earn, $.80 per dollar that men do in the Architecture, Engineering, Planning, and Environmental Consulting industries. If the industry continues making offers based on what women currently earn, as opposed to market rates, the problem doesn’t get fixed. All we as recruiters, and employers, need to know, is the market for someone at a particular position, along with that person’s salary requirements. Pay women comparable to their male counterparts and get rid of the gender pay gap once and for all.  Read the article> 

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John Kreiss
John is an experienced Executive Search Consultant specializing in the recruitment of AE industry talent. For over 15 years he has advised and assisted architecture, engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and environmental firms in filling key positions and making strategic hires.

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