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Morrissey Goodale's Ownership Experience at Fenway
Leadership Training & Development

Morrissey Goodale can help you prepare your firm’s leadership for an increasingly complex business world with a variety of customized services. Take a look…

Ownership Academy. Morrissey Goodale’s Ownership Academy is the premiere leadership development program for professionals in the AEC industry. Getting everyone in your firm to think and act like owners is the greatest competitive advantage your firm can have. This one-of-a-kind program prepares your staff for continued professional development while building the confidence and skills to act, taking responsibility for the futures of their clients, the firm, their colleagues and themselves. We equate that with ownership, hence the name Ownership Academy.


  • Responsible autonomy—control in organizations today is an illusion.  Decision-making takes place on a continuing basis at all levels in the  organization, not just at the top. As professionals, staff can exercise  autonomy while being responsible.
  • Working collaboratively—thinking with others, helping others and learning with others. The Ownership Academy model is the playground for developing the practices of collaboration.
  • Sound decision-making for company and client situations—participants  will learn the Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking System. Compared with the methods in common use today—including such methods as pros and cons, the so-called Rational Methods, and others—the CBA methods are simpler and faster, and they produce better decisions.
  • Seeing waste and eliminating waste—leading efforts to bring more value to clients with less effort and faster.
  • Making powerful assessments, reliable promises, inviting offers and  declarations that open possibilities—we call these essential  conversations™. These are the conversations that have us be successful in our project work, managing our companies and life.
  • Reading the world—the AEC industry can be provincial. We seem to only learn from those in our discipline or profession. Few people have practices for learning from those outside the industry. Participants will develop the habit of engaging more broadly in the world around them as a basis for group learning and innovating.
  • Leadership as a set of practices—bringing leadership to bear is about  disposition and actions. Leadership can come from anyone at any time. The challenge is to bring leadership as warranted.
To learn more about the Ownership Academy, call Mark Goodale at 508.650.0040 or send an email to

Executive Coaching. Morrissey Goodale provides one-on-one and group coaching to help you capitalize on your strengths, shore up your weaknesses, and develop the broad range of skills needed to excel in a number of different leadership roles, including executive-level leadership, marketing and business development, client relations, project management, and more.

Ownership Experience at Fenway Park. Reflect about your company for a moment. What if everyone in your firm cared as much as you do about the results your company achieves? What if they were as attentive as you about the experience clients have with your firm? And what if they took full responsibility for their own experience in the company? You’d have leadership on display at every level throughout your organization— employees who are predisposed to taking ownership and acting appropriately without being asked. It may seem like an impossible dream.

It isn’t.

We’ll show you how to transform your game at Morrissey Goodale’s Ownership Experience at historic Fenway Park. Why Fenway? Because it’s as unique as this program. Nowhere else will you actually experience what is involved in creating a culture that fosters “responsible autonomy”—the foundational capability for ownership. You’ll observe human behavior that will stop you in your tracks and force you to reassess how you look at the world. And you’ll become aware of patterns in yourself and others that you hadn’t noticed before—some which help foster ownership cultures and others that clearly have the opposite effect.

In September, Morrissey Goodale held its first annual Ownership Experience at Fenway Park. This magical Red Sox team couldn't have written a more fitting script for what our unique program is all about—talent is important, but it's the best team that wins! If you missed it this year, join us next September! Details and date coming soon, but if you want to ensure your spot (seats are limited), call Mark Goodale at 508.254.3914 or email Mark and we will help you pre-register.